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Related article: Date: Mon, 6 March 1st, 2011 41st 49 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. From chapter 3 of n Andy Lake 18 years or more to read this story - Broken Tears 3 Preteen Angels GM broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? All usual disclaimers apply. If you will not be reading this, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. ******************* Sunset - Chapter 3 ********** ******* ** [Tyler ] After breakfast, my father went to work, and Mark had an appointment with Jenni. I walked home alone, thinking and thinking about my first day from school in a few days. I've never been very popular, or evenI d. the living room filled with the faint sounds my ears on TV, was always very worried and stressed. I went to my room, changed in some Preteen Angels sweatpants and a loose shirt, grabbed my iPod, and went abroad. I ran down the sidewalk, and also a great exercise, it is the form I use to take away from my problems. It's easier to run and leave alone all your cares behind. I ran faster and faster past some people that works. As I ran, I saw a deal with the sidewalk, the store only n in the neighborhood. I went in, turned around and took a bottle the water and went to the box. He looked at my age. " Hey, how much water? " I asked him fishing in his pockets. "$ 2 Hey havent seen me like this. Are you from around here ? " I asked staring. " Well, I am the son of Mr. Jacobs. You do not know if you know it. " I said as I paid. " Ah, you're in London baby! Funny accent," he said, chuckling. " Thank you. How to work here? " Preteen Angels I asked stationsrting a conversation. " Well, my father owns the place, and I work here in the summer. Caleb Prince, " said he extended his hand. ", Tyler Jacobs:" He grabbed my hand and smiled. " I like your hair. " He said, laughing. I gave him a slap on the beaver, and that laughed more. It was sweet, thin as I had short hair and displacement tanned skin and a funny nose. " I like the nose. " Preteen Angels I said laughing, as he stretched out his tongue at me. " Well, you're going to school in Briar, or private luxury? " The asked moving his eyebrows. " Go to Briar. 9th grade you. " I asked hopefully. "just another" We have high hit his hand and spoke a little more, and after a while I decided that out. I drank the water, went further, and came to a beautiful park walked through the doors. It was kind of lonely. There was only one s hand tenderly kissed a few people. I went to the Steinweg run, and I came in the middle of the park, where was well cut grass, perfect for a picinc, I tha. I sat in the grass , began to listen to my songs and started singing along. " What a sunny day, perfect, right? " I heard a voice say behind me. I took my headphones, looked back, and there was Tom. He had some sweatpants and a hooded zip to almost half undone. his bulging pecs and abs he showed a little, and he was sweating headphones in their ears. " Hello, Tom. Yes, it's perfect. " I said, when s on my side and hugged knees. " So what are you doing here ? For a gym would never have bound abnormal. " He said, laughing. ", I'm not. I love to run. It helps me away. " I said, the play n my headphone cord as an antenna. " Well, everybody likes things and forgetting. " He said when he saw a in my hands. " Yes, it is healthy and healing. " I said, I saw a gentle smile. "I bet it is. " He said, smiling. "Hi Tom! " A couple of girls of 15 or 16 years old with a ponytail, said Tom , since it is directed toward us. " Hey Carly. HLi ey " he said smiling at the pretty girls. " Carly, Li, this is my friend, Ty. "He said, nudged me with his shoulder. " OK, whatever. Therefore, you look good today, Tom. "Carly, the redhead said. I looked down and kept the game in a row. " Hey. "Li, the brunette said. " Hello. "I gave a sheepish smile, as Tom and Carly was talking about. " You new here? "She asked with a smile. " Yes I am the brother of Mark Jacobs. "I said, a little proud. " Ooooh. Mark is a treasure. "She said, smiling. " Yes he is a good brother. "I said, standing up. " Are you going ? "Li asked me smiling. " It is a pleasure. "He said, walking with her. I looked back and saw Tom kiss Carly. He looked at me and pushed me away. I smiled and waved, and He looked down. N began to run down the rocky path with a smile on our faces. that looked quite nice. " Well, Ty... Ty I can call, right? "She asked, smiling. " Of course, Li, "I said smiling back. " Ok, Ty. Therefore, I think they'll Briar. How much ? "It asked. " 9. I have fourteen years of age. I "he said, looking down. ", too. That will be fun ! "Said she increased her pace, and I followed. " You look a bit old for me. "I said, surprised. ", developed early, "a little sad. " Is not this a good thing? " I asked, confused. " times, " she said, smiling. We ran his way into a pond in the park, and was around a few ducks and swans. \\ \\ n We were sitting in the grass and looked at the pool, in the chat. n "If you're my guy this would be romantic. "She said, laughing. " I'm not your type. "I said, pouting, he laughed. " You're cute, pretty nerdy, but still, I like fighting. "She said, laughing. " Well, you're not my type, either. "I said, sticking out his tongue. " I know. I'm not Tom. "She said, winked at me. I blushed hard. " I'm so obvious? "I asked, with a sigh. " Well, not quite. Just do not look too long. "She said, laughing. " Well, I was at my old school. So I was free. "I said to remember old times. " Quite a change coming here. "She said, with a view to the lawn. N " who moved here? " I asked hopefully. " I came here two years ago. It was a rough start, but now I'm fine. "She said, looked at me. " Where are you from ? "I asked. " California, "she said, smiling. " sounds hot! I bet there are good guys. "I said, laughing and blushing. " Yep. I went for my son. "She said, frowning. " Well, I can be your child. Just do not Preteen Angels kiss. "He said, embraced. " You're too good for its own sake. "She said, laughing. N " We must return before deciding to give me a kiss. "I said, laughing. ", or something else, " she moved her eyebrows. " I do not rape. "I said, feigning shock, and she shuddered at the word rape. " treading quicksand, mate, " he said sadly. " I'm sorry. I did not want... "He said trailing off. " Well, do not worry. If we become best friends, I could tell you. "It s said with a smile. " I thought they were best friends. "I said, pouting, as she hugged me. " Ok, we are. Now let's take a walk. "She grabbed my handnd drew me with it. went back to the middle of the park to find Carly fingers up and down Tom hot muscles in the chest. " do not have yet? Eaten surprise me. " Li said, laughing. I joined a it. " Li, you should go for another walk and take the zero with you. " Carly said mocked me. I looked down, as Tom took her hand from his chest. "What the hell is your problem?" At her. " Simply stating a point with the loser bit," he said staring at me. "Fuck ! There you go, Carly. " Tom said bitterly. " They prefer a little boy about me?" She asked indignantly. " At least it is a bitch. " Frowned. " Fuck you, Tom Li, now. " Carly said angrily. " OK", Li said sadly. hugged me and whispered in my ear. "She's a bitch cause brand " that rushed to Carly said. I got up and turned, put on my headphones, and then started a jogging. " Do not you say goodbye ? " Tom said he grabbed my shoulder n ring turnedy. " I'm sorry. Password. " I said, blushing. " Ok " he said, the type of damage. "Sorry, really. Bye. " I hugged him and he hugged me and sniffed my hair s. " do not go. Do not hang me for a while," he asked hopefully. " No, do not worry. I've caused enough trouble with his friend s. " I said in my phone as a text. " She's not my girlfriend. Stay. " He said, to free a little. "Sorry, I can not. I have a message for Jeff, and he says he wants to see, me. I'm sorry. " I said, looking at him with a sad smile. He stretched, and hardened their jaw. " do not go. Stay. " He said something to despair. "Sorry, I can not. In addition, Carly can come back, and I really do not want problem with a girl he likes. " I said smiling, but hurt little. "Carly and I are one," I interrupted. " I do not need to say something silly. " I laughed. " It's just that w- " I interrupted again. " Do not worry, really. " I said, watching him. " Ok " He looked defeated. "Well, I have to go. Bye. I really enjoyed talking with you. " I said smiling, as is turned. I grabbed his hand and looked at me. "I enjoyed it too. " He said, looking eyes, with brown eyes and brown hair, which is an n is a perfect contrast. He looked somehow as Liam Court on 90210, but only one slightly larger and hunkier. I felt uncomfortable under his gaze, and raised my hand. "Goodbye. " I ran away has the volume on my iPod as high as it was. The park was near Ben -brown, so you just choose to walk there in a regular rhythm. I went and saw Jeff sitting at a table looking out. His hair was almost black and a bit messy to put your pretty face s the square jaw looked good, had a small 05th clock 00 shade, and his green eyes looked around. He carried a close polo shirt, and his biceps looked a little too large for sleeves. Her eyes came up to me and lights up and he smiled and waved to me. I went and joined tBrown paved the way through a large crowd, and sat before him and looked at him. "Want something to drink or eat?" He asked with a smile. " Well, I would like some iced coffee. " I said, a little excited too. up, went to the counter and ordered my drink. Then he went to me and gave me coffee. " Thanks. " I started drinking my coffee when he drank his icee. " Well, I wanted to talk to you I know you met yesterday, but that is the moment I saw you, I think fa -. " He began. "Jeff, Ty, what are you doing here ? " I heard Tom's voice shouting behind us. It s have a coffee and sat at our table. " So what can I say, Jeff? " I asked curiously. "There is nothing of importance. " He said, watching as Tom s on my SAT page " What do you mean ?" I asked. " do not know. Jeff did not tell me. " Pot joke, and he laughed me. " You're too pretty. " Kissed my cheek and squeezed my hand. He was something strange, but na. " Thanks. " Iblushed and looked at Jeff. Was his face red, and suddenly told her glass, spilling the liquid is squeezed on the table. "Damn, Jeff, you are getting a disaster. Now that clear. " Tom said something joke. " Shut up, Tom. " Jeff said he got up and went to get napkins. He returned n and began cleaning. "Jeff is doing something wrong ?" I asked anxiously, looking at him. " No, no, baby. " He said, smiling. " Ok. I 'm glad. " I said smiling at her, as Tom cleared his throat. " So, what do you want ? " Tom asked. " Well, I have to go home now. Mark said he would be home for lunch, and We have to buy at the school to go. " I said, look at Tom. " Well, I can go. " Said Tom, smiling. " No, do not worry, Tom. I'll take Preteen Angels it. " Said Jeff, smiling at me. "Do not worry, guys. I will be executed there. 's Close. Bye! " I went to Jeff n hugged him and gave me a little too long. I went to Tom, and the thing it. left the cafeteria, looking back it, and saw them arguing about the window. I shrugged and went home. [Tom POV] was in the park to run around the way that many girls winked at me and have a couple of types, too. I ran until I saw a cute blond boy in an n T -shirt somehow too big for him and sweatpants. Tyler and I recognized it as shook my heart. I saw him run, and I followed him closely. Pants kind of training is held to his bread, and she looked so sexy, her ass trembled while jogging. I saw him sitting on the lawn, and her angelic voice began to sing. Vi him for a while from afar, and I approached him and stroked his back. I sat with him and we started talking for a while. It seemed so easy, , and wanted to talk with him more, but Carly and Li arrived. Carly is an n to the rich, hot brats in school and had somehow hots for Mark, but he Jenni and cleaning, so she suggested more. When they came to , which was kind of rude to Ty, and it hurt. Thank God Liit removed. I stayed to talk to Carly, and began to touch me. I'm hot, she kissed me, and how to solve the lips, I saw Ty looking at us. that looked a little disappointed, and perhaps was sad that I kissed the This girl was rude to him. Carly pushed me and looked down to shame. Carly and I were talking more, and she tried to kiss me back a lot of times, but I would not let him. Then I saw Tyler down with Li, and Carly pushed out of the way and somehow flew away. She was angry, but hell, Tyler is ten times more important to me. went to him, as he said goodbye to Li. It seemed a little sad and guilt the battle between Carly and I at him. He even called the friend of my s, and that made me shudder. I left me a little chance with him, and when I tried to explain, he said, not convicted. that broke my heart, and when I said that Jeff wanted to talk to him, something click me. I knew that the son of a bitch wanted to tell him she loved him orsome r shit. I could lose my baby, I followed him in Ben's Cafe, and I waiting for a while. Then when I saw Jeff 's hands move, I knew it was going to tell. So I made my way and stopped at the right time. It looked so damn annoying, but I do not care. [Jeff POV] n I woke up very early in the morning, which is very different from me, but hell, my ​​mom was very happy about that. The first thing my mind when I Tyler woke up. Tyler 's smile, her blushing, his glasses, his perfect face, all that it attracted me. pondered my thoughts and struggle, and tried to find a logical reason of my fascination with this guy. Yes, it's nice for a child. He is shy n and lost. Maybe so. It is my paternal instinct in, but shit, I feel sexual pleasure, when I see it. So is not it? ? I was very confused with my thoughts that I did not realize that my baby s brother in my room. "Hi, Jeff! " He said, running and jumping on the bed. He hugged meand laughed. " Hello, friend. How are you?" I asked my little brother. "Hungry !" He looked at me and laughed. "What 's so funny? " I asked, tickling his sides. "Jeff, stop! " He said, laughing. " No, not until you tell me what you laugh 'bout, Punk. " Tickled me more difficult. " My mom says you're in love, and that's fun. " I said laughing more difficult. " mom said that? " I asked seriously. " Yep. You said you were looking for smiling at the food, just like when you press Lana. " He said, clutching my stomach when I lay on my back. "Maybe I'm in love... " I said to myself. " Yes, I'll be an uncle ! " He said crying. hard I laughed at him. "This is much more than a brother. You that if you love someone, I say, " I asked my brother. is how desperate I was in search of answers. " Yes, Mom said, love is not to hide. " He said, imitating the voice of Mom. "Maybe he's right. Maybe I have to say. " I said. My brother n I was strandedely. " is like a child ? " He said chuckling. More like the love of a child, I I n. "No, silly, my friend asked me for advice. " I said, lying through my teeth. "Ok. I Wuv You, Jeff. " He got up and ran downstairs. I stood there and thought. " Love Preteen Angels is not meant to be hidden, " I jumped so fast n I, I took a hot shower, and changed. I went to Cafe Ben and Tyler text message. I will. I tell you, repeated to me. As soon as we walked through the door, I sighed. He looked sooo cute and is very out of place. He was wearing sweatpants and a T- s too large for him. He looked dorky, but sooo cute. I waved at my table, and , we sat and talked. I wanted to say that I thought I in love with him when Tom came in with a cheeky grin on her face fucking. He came through and broke everything. The bastard had it all planned. I was furious, and when he gave her a kiss on the cheek, I felt so angry that I smashed my glass and poured the entire contents of the recordhim. Add a few minutes after Tyler, and Tom stood with me watching. "Son of a bitch You came on purpose! " I cried almost as many people n is turned to us. " Maybe... " he said with a cheeky grin on his face. "Son of a bitch, why not go back to hell?" I shouted. " Well, I did not, and can not make me, punk. Also, I kind of made is a connection with him today. You see, I had some time alone with he today. "He said smiling big. "Son of a bitch, why not let me talk to him? " I cried. "I really wanted to say you're in love so fast? Not even want to to believe. Do not be ridiculous. " He spat. Well, this time the dumb n ass had a point. "However, it was my time with him. " I said cheerfully. " Well, well, who needs a man, not an evasion. " He said, looking to me. "Fuck you ! " I jumped on the table and grabbed him by the neck. that I knew well, and soon we were rolling on the floor with people around us. I left highs lip, and he got my attention. We stood there and stared among them. "Guys! IT BACK OFF! " Ben told us how they approached me and pulled me away. " Ben leave us alone !" I spat at him. " This is my fucking coffee ! I have clients who come here for a quiet place, not some stupid cock-fighting," he shouted angrily. " I'm sorry. Let's go. " Said Tom up. " Yes Sorry, Ben, what we really are. " Preteen Angels I left the cafeteria, followed soon Tom. went to the parking lot and looked at each other. " I do not think we have more friends. It will not work. " Tom said, staring at me. " I do not think so, but that leaves the herd, because I live ? " I talked to little defensive. " Nobody is going to go. We will establish a single front, and that's all. " He said, look for eyes. " out of me. " Turned around and walked to my car. " He's going to be mine, and you know it. " Shouted Tom, as he arrived in the Auto. I clenched my fists and walked away. [Tyler POV] I ran home and made it in time for Monchap. Lunch this without Mark time, I was still with Jenni. I talked to my father about some things, , and watched a movie together. After a few moments he was snoring. I looked outside and the sun was weaker. I went to the garden and saw that is a small outbreak in the parcel of land, and I smiled to myself and went to is. I touched the little green shoot, he took water from the river, and watered. I sat in front of the plant and began to sing. " I miss you, see the mother. Please send me. I do not want to be alone. Please will not let me be alone. " I said I finished singing. I returned home and went to my room. I took a blanket and put it to Dad, and whispered "thank you" and led to sleep again. I went to my room and the balcony. I looked at the horizon, and that s was the sunset, a sunset, what s so pure, so natural and so easy. This means a close, a call closing date of the chapter. perhaps this is what I needed in a sunsetChapter called pain. A tear lost looked down and saw the sunset. ============================================ ==== =========================== == The next chapter will be up sooon ! I hope you enjoyed this story, as you may have noticed, has Enter a personal meaning. I hope that has given you. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If no read my story together in a list, called Revenge lustful. It the past, so you must look up. It is necessary in the first 50 floors. Thanks again, and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. Writer, if I call myself love the feedback, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thanks to Stephen for editing. You are awesome!
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